Pallet Storage

295,000 sq ft of Space

Mutual Mills pallet storage offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking efficient and organised warehousing solutions.

Our central location in Heywood, Greater Manchester is ideal with excellent transport links close by.

Offering systematic inventory management, as products are efficiently organised on standardised pallets, enabling easy tracking and retrieval. Our approach enhances operational efficiency, reducing the time and labor required for inventory handling.

We pride ourselves on efficiency, productivity, and safety, making our pallet storage a valuable asset for your businesses.

Why use our Pallet Storage services?

  • SIX FLOORS – Of heated, clean & dry storage area

  • FIRE PROTECTED – Sprinklers & alarmed on REDCARE

  • HANDLING EQUIPMENT – Modern FLT’s & manual equipment

  • SCALABILTY –  Ability to easily expand operations to accommodate growing demand.

  • SECURITY – ADT alarm system with REDCARE audio verification monitoring


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